Leasing Services

It is our goal to maximize your rental price and provide you the best qualified tenant for your property.


Leasing Services for residential or commercial properties are available with or without Soniat Realty’s management services. We recommend a market rent and any improvements to better enhance the value and marketability of your property. We market the property in the manner we have experienced to be the most effective. Our listings are posted on our Soniat Realty website as well as dozens of other partner internet rental search sites. We show the property to prospects and provide them with the convenience of being able to apply for the rental online. Once an application is received it is closely reviewed to make sure that the applicant meets our application guidelines. We practice Fair Housing guidelines. By maintaining consistent standards this protects you, the property owner, as well as ourselves. If the applicant is approved we can then offer them the convenience of signing the lease electronically which makes their leasing experience quicker and easier.

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