Request for Eviction Service


    (OWNER) acknowledge that I own the property noted below and Soniat Realty, Inc. (AGENT) is authorized to represent me in court relative to the eviction of the following Tenant(s) from this property.

    I acknowledge and agree to pay AGENT $375.00 in advance and understand that this amount is fully earned once the process begins. I also agree to notify AGENT as soon as I accept any funds from the Tenant(s) and understand that all further eviction efforts will cease once any funds are received.

    Services to Be Provided by Agent:
    1. Having first notice delivered to Tenant(s), if there isn't a Waiver of Notice provision in the Lease
    2. Scheduling a court hearing.
    3. Appearing in court on behalf of the OWNER. It is understood that AGENT will pay the normal court filing fees for the above.
    OWNER will be responsible to make arrangements to execute and pay for the physical eviction, if it becomes necessary.

    Tenant First Name*
    Tenant Last Name*

    co-Tenant First Name*
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    Property Address (Please be sure to include complete address)*:

    Reason for Eviction*:

    Please provide further explanation, if needed:

    Amount owed by tenant*:

    Monthly rent amount*:

    Date of Last Payment*:

    Amount of Last Payment*:

    Please attach a Copy of Lease Agreement*

    Owner First Name*
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    By checking this box, Owner accepts above employment and agrees to pay $375.00 to OWNER in advance.