Frequently Asked Questions


Owner FAQ

How/where do I access my monthly statements?
Who do I contact if I have a question about my statement?
Who do I contact if I am locked out or unable to login to Owner Web Access?
Is there a direct deposit option for monthly disbursements?

Condo FAQ

Will I be billed for my monthly condo dues?
How/where do I pay my monthly condo dues and/or special assessments?
Who do I contact with questions regarding condo dues?
Who should I contact with a maintenance problem?

For Rent & Application FAQ

Can I get a key to view an available rental property?
What are the criteria for approving applicants?
If I have been evicted in the past, would I be able to rent from Soniat Realty?
How do I apply for one of your rental listings?
Is there a fee to submit a rental application?
What documentation do I need to provide with my rental application?
What additional documentation is required with my rental application if I have pets?
Does Soniat Realty accept housing vouchers?
How many people can live in the same unit?
I've submitted an application online. Now what?

Rent Payments FAQ

How/where do I pay my rent?
Can I pay my rent online?
Can I pay my rent in cash?
Can I pay my rent with a credit card?
When is my rent considered late?
Is there a fee for late rent payments?

Maintenance & Utilities FAQ

Who do I contact to turn on utilities for my unit?
Who is responsible for paying the utilities (electricity, gas, water) for my unit?
Who do I contact for maintenance?
Who should I call if I have a maintenance issue after hours, or during a weekend or holiday?
What if I need a replacement house key?

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